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Peer Power

Help a group of like-minded peers achieve their vision for life while they motivate you to achieve yours.

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Your Advocate

Unlock your full potential with a professional coach. Let's uncover what your looking for a nudge ~ or a whole new outlook on life?

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Peer Passion

We've designed and implemented peer programs in a variety of settings and industries. 

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Our history

Platinum Coaching Alliance® has a lengthy track record of accomplishment in sales and marketing, new business development, marketing communications, peer promotion, and comprehensive sales team training. We take pride in this wealth of experience, which has been applied across a spectrum of industries for the last 3 decades. One notable area of expertise, our niche in life perhaps, is our specialty in financial services. In this aspect of services, we have demonstrated a commitment to accuracy, delivering impactful and effective original content and messaging focused primarily on the financial professional.

About us

Platinum Coaching Alliance®, possesses a wealth of national and international experience in sales and marketing. Our expertise extends beyond mere innovation, as we are equally adept at implementing various marketing communication strategies. Our proficiency includes peer advocacy, and direct-to-financial services initiatives, consistently delivered alongside other marketing and networking techniques. Our organization, founded by Benny Tanga in 2003, has played a pivotal role in conceiving and executing more than 15,000 promotional and educational sessions. These sessions span digital and traditional platforms, covering diverse sectors such as communications, education, construction, staffing and financial services. As an organization, we’ve excelled in various roles, serving as educators, facilitators, moderators, mentors, and coaches, and consistently showcasing our skills and leadership, in public arenas with an audience to the  intimate conversations of a one-on-one interaction.

Our Specialties

We excel in many areas of marketing, peer persuasion, group dynamic techniques, selling, and network marketing principles and practices. Our team takes immense satisfaction in orchestrating promotional campaigns from their inception all the way through the creative process and implementation to successful completion. Our approach centers on perception, whether related to a sales opportunity, a strategic endeavor, or a tactical move. We bring a global perspective to the table while ensuring that our activities possess a strong local appeal, making them adaptable and impactful in most contexts.

Why Platinum Coaching Alliance®?

It’s all about employing the KISS principle. We like Keeping It Simple and Straightforward, using common sense to reveal your vision and life goals or fabricate a program and secure your desired outcome.

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